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World Heritage World Heritage related to Ancient Tomb

World Heritage related to Ancient Tomb

Similar Properties on the UNESCO World Heritage List(overall32)

  • Taxila
    Country : Pakistan Year : 1980 Registration Criteria : ⅲ, vi
    From the 5th century B.C. to the second century A.D., it represents various stages ofdevelopment of the Indus River basin. There is Sirsich City which is considered to be built duringKushan Kingdom. On the north side of Sirkap, 4 temples, built on ancient tombssite, are scattered.
  • Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
    Country : Canada Year : 1981 Registration Criteria : vi
    In Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, located in South-westernpart of Canada, Alberta, many bones of buffaloes are being found. Markedhunting roads, indigenous camps, buried buffaloes’ bone tombs are scatteredhere.
  • Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site
    Country : U.S Year : 1982 Registration Criteria: iii, iv
    The Kahokia mound is the largest settlement in thenorth of Mexico before the European arrival, and it forms a city-focused socialstructure consisting of 120 households in the middle of agriculture.
  • Tassili n'Ajjer
    Country: Algeria Year: 1982 Registration Criteria: i, iii, vii, viii
    From 6,000 B.C. to A.D. 1302, a number of peopleinhabited here and many historical heritages are found such as the highlands,dwellings, tombs, and walls. There are various types of rock paintings thatwere found after 1933 in Tassili.
  • Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari
    Country: Bulgaria Year : 1985 Registration Criteria: ⅰ,ⅲ
    Thracian tombs that well reflect special structures of Thracianempire, in 300 B.C
  • Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites
    Country : England, Northern Ireland Year : 1986 Registration Criteria : i, ii, iii
    Stonehenge and Abberry in Wiltshire are one of the mostfamous stones in the world. The two sites have stone circles and their sacred placesand heritages around are unprecedented evidences of prehistoric era.
  • Nemrut Dağ
    Country : Turkey Year : 1987 Registration Criteria : i, iii, iv
    Tombs heritages of Antiochus I (BC 69~34) who ruled Commageneempire located in Euphrates are and northern part of Syria, after the declineof Alexander the Great’s empire
  • Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi
    Country : India Year : 1989 Registration Criteria : i, ii, iii, iv, vi
    Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi is made of Buddhist monuments such as stonepillars, palaces, shrines. They are located in hills next to a broad plain,40km far from Bhopal in India
  • Historic Centre of Bukhara
    Country : Uzbekistan Year : 1993 Registration Criteria : ii, iv, vi types : historical site
    Bukhara is a medieval city that has history of 25 centuries andlocated in Silk Road. The main trading center in Central Asia. 38 hotels, 6trading centers, 16 public baths and 45 markets were constructed. It is thegreatest center of Islamic study with more than 200 mosques and more than 100madrasas.
  • Ireland Brú na Bóinne - Archaeological Ensemble of the Bend of the Boyne
    Country : Ireland Year : 1993 Registration Criteria : i, iii, iv
    Evidences of human dwellings in early 4000 BC were found. Thereare heritages of Western Neolithic Age, houses and defensive fences. Over 40Nulgil tombs are distributed.
  • Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones
    Country : Denmark Year : 1994 Registration Criteria : ⅲ
    Records relating to the Christian faith in the southwesternpart, written on the tomb of the Viking King Goreum and Queen Tira, in the 10thcentury B.C
  • Rock Carvings in Tanum
    Country : Sweden Year : 1994 Registration Criteria : i, iii, iv
    Tanum Rockalso shows the life and religion of the European people during Bronze Age.Passage graves and burial mounds of Neolithic Age have survived. This shows theshape of a burial mound changed from a burial mound to a burial site in 2400B.C
  • San Agustín Archaeological Park
    Country : Colombia Year : 1995 Registration Criteria : iii
    The greatest Religion monuments and statues of South Americaare located in San Agustin Archaelogical Park. Most regions are archaeologicallandscapes that related to tombs, ancient roads, horizontal line of plains,drains, and artificial stylobates.
  • Archaeological Site of Aigai (modern name Vergina))
    Country : Greece Year : 1996 Registration Criteria : i, iii
    The first capital cityof the ancient Makedonia Kingdom, Aigai, was discovered near Vergina, north ofGreece, in the 19th century. The most important heritages are giant old tombsdecorated with stuccoes of mosaics and colors. Some of these were constructedin early 11th century B.C
  • Archaeological Site of Troy
    Country : Turkey Year : 1998 Registration Criteria : ii, iii, vi
    Archaeological Site of the late 19th century. Militaryoperation of Spartan – Athens soldiers to Trojan, written in Homer’s Iliad,provoked creative enlightenment among artists around the world later on.
  • Bronze Age Burial Site of Sammallahdenmäki
    Country : Finland Year : 1999 Registration Criteria :iii, iv
    Have more than 30 Bronze Age granite and stone burial sites.Burial ceremony of Northern Europe around 3000 years ago. Provides the insightsof social and religious lifestyle.
  • Heart of Neolithic Orkney
    Country : England, Northern Ireland Year : 1999 Registration Criteria :i, ii, iii, iv
    Heart of Neolithic Orkney is composed of MaesHowe, Stones ofStenness, Ring of Brodgar, Skara Brae and other undiscovered tombs, ceremonialsites and residences
  • Hortobágy National Park - the Puszta
    Country : Hungary Year : 1999 Registration Criteria :iv, v
    It is a cultural landscape that maintained the well-preservedcultures of the nomadic society and the preserved traditional plantation. Manynomadic groups who visited here in 2000 B.C built Kurgans.
  • Toms of Muganda Kings at Kasubi
    Country : Uganda Year : 2001 Registration Criteria :iii, iv, vi
    Crucial example of Simplified paints and organic matter structures inKampala area, which contains important and intangible values like faith,religion, identity, and spirits.
  • Gebel Barkal and the Sites of the Napatan Region
    country : Sudan Year : 2003 Registration Criteria :i, ii, iii, iv, vi
    Pyramid, palace, temple, burial chamber, funeral chapel,and related murals, and the inscriptions on the tomb, which are related to art,society, politics, religion, and religious values, have been newly constructedfor 2,000 years.
  • Etruscan Necropolises of Cerveteri and Tarquinia
    Country : Italy Year : 2004 Registration Criteria :i, iii, iv
    Ancientburial mounds, cabins, and houses of ancient Etruscans are distributed
  • Petroglyphs within the Archaeological Landscape of Tamgaly
    Country : Kazakhstan Year : 2004 Registration Criteria :iii
    The Archaeological Landscape of the Neolithic Agereflecting the social and cultural life of residents who lived in the regionfrom the Bronze Age to the early 20th century. There are tombs and religiousstructures in nearby valleys; settlements, burial sites, and small pieces ofrock are scattered around the mountain.
  • Tomb of Askia
    Country : Mali Year : 2004 Registration Criteria :ⅱ, ⅲ, ⅳ
    Salt and Gold Trade in the Sahara Desert of SonggaIEmpire in the 17th Century
  • Stone Circles of Senegambia
    Country : Gambia, Senegal Year : 2006 Registration Criteria :i, iii
    More than 1,000 stone bands aredensely packed along the Gambrian River in western Africa along with a100,000-kilometer-long stretch of round-shaped stone. The monument iscomprised of four large memorandums : Sineophoye, Wanar, Wasu, Wassau, andKerbatch (Kerbatch).
  • Memphis and its Necropolis-the Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahshur
    Country : Egypt Year : 2006 Registration Criteria :i, iii, iv
    Distinguished monuments of Egyptian empires, such as Pyramidsand Sphinx, which are examples of idea of eternal spirit in ancient Egypt
  • Gamzigrad-Romuliana, Palace of Galerius
    Country : Serbia Year : 2007 Registration Criteria :iii, iv
    Galerius Palace, a palace in the eastern part of Serbia, isa palace in the late Roman era. These buildings include a palace, a shrine, a temple, abath, a memorial hall, a tetrapylon, and a palace in the northwestern part ofthe compound.
  • Stari Grad Plain
    Country : Croatia Year : 2008 Registration Criteria :ii, iii, v
    Stari Grad Plain is a cultural landscape located in Hvar Islandin Adriatic island. This plain shows land system of Greek people in 400 B.C.
  • Saloum Delta
    Country : Senegal Year : 2011 Registration Criteria :iii, iv, v
    The total area of the Sarlumtriangle consisted of three rivers is 5,000 ㎢. The triangle in salt water isconsisted of 200 small islands, mangrove forest, marine environment of AtlanticOcean, and dried forests. The site contains 218 clams sites and 28 burialsites.
  • Pergamon and its Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape
    Country : Turkey Year : 2014 Registration Criteria :i, ii, iii, iv, vi
    Pergamon’s acropolis, the capital of Attalos kingdom inHellenism era, was one of the most important places of study in ancient world. Therewere shrines, stoas, porticos, gyms, libraries, and walls.
  • Diyarbakır Fortress and Hevsel Gardens Cultural Landscape
    Country : Turkey Year : 2015 Registration Criteria :iv
    Contains fortress walls in upstream of Tigris river, HevselBahçeleri, and 63 inscriptions written in different times.
  • Antequera Dolmens Site
    Country : Spain Year : 2016 Registration Criteria :i, iii, iv
    Megalithic tomb monument, located in Andalucia in southernSpain, in constructed in Neolithic and Bronze Age. This is important stage ofdevelopment history of megalithic tombs in early Europe